Are you Friends with your Thoughts?

Helping others with developing a solid relationship with their Thoughts & Mind has become my greatest passion yet! I feel like I've hit the jackpot of life, understanding this formula in a way that I could understand, relate to, execute, and do so, long term, even when things come up unexpectedly. Our thoughts and how we process them can teach us habits, if not paying attention can keep us from moving through life in a way that helps heal and nurture our growth and often keeps us in a spiral of confusion, anger and sadness that, ultimately prolongs our suffering. One of the first things that helped me, was figuring out MY OWN learning style. Sometimes it is hard to know how to navigate new techniques, even with ourselves, without knowing, in which ways the information is best absorbed for us as individuals. I work with people on developing skills to strengthen the MIND MUSCLE. You see, with a friendly mind, we can do things that we never even imagined that we could. I love seeing people realize the power of their own reality, by way of new MINDSET SKILLS. In order to begin to build new skills, we have to first get real about who we are, and loving ourselves through it. When we work on having a new relationship with the Mind and Heart, we begin to enter into new levels of consciousness; in doing that, we hit deep nerves of our past traumas and hurts and if not aware, it can set us back. If your desire to have a new relationship with your thoughts, outweighs your desire to  stay comfortable in unhealthy patterns, your no longer wanting for yourself, I would love to chat!

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My Mindset is my favorite feature! If your looking to have a different relationship with your thoughts so that you can do life differently,"click me".

Intention Coach -Amira



The Mission behind Core Mind Gut Connection is to enhance the lives of others who DESIRE to change their reality that NO LONGER serves them. Together, we will build a NEW relationship with the MIND and thought processes through Mindfulness and Meditation and realistic action steps that will ALIGN with the mind and body to live life,  no matter the circumstances, with joy and inner peace. If this resonates with you, let's chat!



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