Does your Mindset align with your desires?

Our thoughts and how we were taught to process difficulties determine how effective we are in accomplishing the things we want in life.
I spent most of my life repeating the same painful scenarios not realizing my thoughts, and how I was thinking (processing) situations was causing me to move through life in a way that was no longer useful for my current desires. I wanted things to change drastically, yet I didn't understand the habit energy I was used to; was blocking my growth! Mindfulness and being open to the idea that what I thought was one way of thinking (being) was not the only way; More importantly, there could be a better way! Mindfulness teaches us to be in the present situation as it is, without adding our analytical stories to the equation. Our brains are conditioned to react, even in moments we don't need to do anything but JUST BE.  Dealing with depression and anxiety along with chronic physical pain, I understand how the mind and circumstances can often times keep us in a cycle of fear, sadness and anger that stops us from living and being in the world with grace and inner peace. It is my intention to help you see your own potential so that you can GROW in alignment with YOU!

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My Mindset is my favorite feature! If your looking to have a different relationship with your thoughts so that you can do life differently,"click me".

Intention Coach -Amira



The Mission behind Core Mind Gut Connection is to enhance the lives of others who DESIRE to change their reality that NO LONGER serves them. Together, we will build a NEW relationship with the MIND and thought processes through Mindfulness and Meditation and realistic action steps that will ALIGN with the mind and body to live life,  no matter the circumstances, with joy and inner peace. If this resonates with you, let's chat!




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