• Amira Stanley

Mindfulness = 24/7 happiness

NOTHING could be farther from the truth! If I could get five bucks for every person in my life who tells me they think Mindfulness = 24/7 happiness, I would be a very wealthy person. The reality is, there are thousands of coaches, guru's, spiritual healers, out there, that appear to have all the things perfectly in place. It makes you think they are untouchable, that their level of happiness isn't possible for us regular folk.

Being a Mindset & Intention Coach that emphasizes Mindfulness & Meditation in my coaching, I definitely was naive about the fact that I would now become one of "THOSE" guru's that appears to never have stress and my life is full of rainbows and flowers.

Let's break this down. Take out a pen and paper! I want to challenge you to write down & answer this question/s. What if; in every situation that happened, that you perceived as unpleasant, instead of reacting to it, you just let it be? What would happen? better yet, what if... you had a different way of processing your thoughts, so that SAME exact situation ended up not being unpleasant at all?

Mindfulness is a tool that becomes easier to understand with daily practice. Mindfulness teaches us to be AWARE of our Mind and our thoughts so that we can live with a since of calm, and joy. Mindfulness does not remove negative situations from happening in life. It allows us to have the capacity to deal with those things without causing more, or adding to the suffering we are already feeling.

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